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Here at Country Markets, we pride ourselves on our meat department. On a daily basis, we prepare a large selection of delicious, fresh, ready-to-cook meals. Our Italian seasoned meatballs taste just like Grandma makes them. Our stuffed chicken breasts are moist, succulent and impressive to any dinner guest. Our well-seasoned prepared burgers (beef, chicken, turkey and veggie) will have you reaching for second helpings. They're that good!

The newest addition to our meat department includes grass-fed meats, all-natural chicken, as well as all-natural packaged meats, like bacon.

And as with any of our departments, if you need something special, let us know. We'll gladly make it for you at no extra cost.

We’re Here to Help!

Looking for something special and can't find it? Ask Mike, our produce manager. He'll do his best to get you what you're looking for within two days.